Synaptix Systems Inc. is a strategy and solutions firm that helps Global 2000 clients understand & maximize return on their information technology (IT) and project investments.

In our global information society, effective management of information technology (IT) is critically important to a company’s survival and success. For many organizations, information and the technology that supports it represent the organization’s most valuable assets. Furthermore, in today’s rapidly evolving business environment, management has heightened expectations with respect to IT delivery capability – requiring increased quality/functionality, decreased delivery time and continuously improving service levels – all at lower costs. Synaptix Systems delivers technology strategies and IT governance solutions that drive measurable value through process improvement and program management office (PMO) implementation & optimization.

Many companies recognize the potential benefits that technology can produce. Successful organizations, however, understand and manage the risks & processes associated with implementing new technologies. Indeed, the management of IT-related risks & processes is now being understood as a key part of enterprise governance.

The Information Technology Governance Institute defines IT governance as a structure of relationships and processes to direct and control the enterprise in order to achieve the enterprise’s goals by adding value while balancing risk versus return over IT and its processes. Accordingly, IT governance provides the structure that links technology processes, resources and information to enterprise strategies & objectives. Such governance integrates optimal ways of planning & organizing, acquiring & implementing, delivering & supporting, and monitoring IT performance – thus enabling the enterprise to take full advantage of its information, thereby maximizing benefits, capitalizing on opportunities and gaining competitive advantage.

The Synaptix Systems team delivers IT governance and efficiency-focused solutions that deliver improvements in our clients’ cost structures, market position and profitability by:

  • Evaluating organizational and process maturity relative to recognized best practice models & frameworks
  • Generating tailored business and technology strategies to deliver services in line with an organization’s specific needs and value potential
  • Implementing optimization-oriented change throughout the value chain
  • Managing, monitoring and responding to changes in business drivers & risks

Synaptix Systems has developed strong working relationships with select world-class clients in specific industries. These relationships demonstrate the common theme of using information-based strategies to create marked benefits based on unique visibility into corporate governance and business & IT processes.

Our clients range from $50B+ healthcare companies to mid-size high-growth financial services firms.

Through more than a decade of strategic engagements, Synaptix Systems management has learned that in today’s challenging marketplace successful companies remain focused on achieving growth, profitability, and increased efficiencies. We help our clients reach their objectives in these areas by generating and executing strategies that:

  • Are unmistakably tied to our client company’s strategy and bases of competitive advantage
  • Incorporate systematic processes and tools for driving operating efficiencies
  • Utilize governance best practices and performance metrics to quantify value
  • Encourage analysis of changes in the marketplace (and ensure flexible adjustments)
  • Promote intelligent choices in enabling software & systems

Synaptix Systems’ approach to planning and delivering project value has yielded a sound track record of client satisfaction. Recognized for a common sense client advocacy approach and rigorous delivery methods, Synaptix Systems has steadily developed long-term relationships founded on continuous value creation.