Synaptix Systems’ PMO PRISM™ is a fully-configurable solution that enables clients to rapidly develop and deploy proven Program/Project Management Office (PMO) process and system infrastructure.

A PMO is an organization within your company that is responsible for aligning corporate vision/strategy with project requests and for enterprise-wide distribution of project management best practices. Depending on your requirements, the PMO may also be accountable for successful project delivery.

PMO PRISM™ jumpstarts the corporate PMO design & implementation cycle to provide significant return on investment and dramatically reduced implementation time.

What are some of the drivers that would cause a company to consider building and deploying a PMO with PRISM?

  • A rapid growth cycle in which you have upcoming or existing projects with competing priorities
  • Increasing competition and/or adverse market conditions that mandate improvements in operating efficiency
  • Challenges in aligning project selection, definition and performance with corporate strategy and financial targets
  • A need to improve profitability by becoming more effective in executing and completing project work
  • A requirement for improved project governance that delivers clear and logical methods for prioritizing & authorizing projects, for managing resources & dependencies, and for improving status reporting & communication
  • Challenges in achieving true accountability in project budget, schedule and delivery accuracy against project requirements
  • Workforce morale issues that may be a result of inability to complete tasks efficiently

What are the advantages of establishing or improving a PMO with PRISM?

  • Improved time-to-market, cost-to-market and quality-to-market for your products and services
  • Enhanced ‘revenue capture’ capabilities via on-time, on-budget delivery of projects/systems (often to meet a market timing window)
  • Increased internal & external customer satisfaction
  • Organization-wide clarity of focus on tasks and deliverables that drive maximum value
  • Measurable efficiency gains and cost savings through consistent process execution and integrated system tools
  • Improved relationships between intra-company departments and with your end user customers
  • Company-wide proliferation of best-practices knowledge for managing project risks, scope, resources, schedule, cost/budget, quality, communications, issues and integration

Synaptix Systems’ PMO PRISM™ provides a reliable, standardized, out-of-the-box solution that fuels the operating efficiency engines of today’s leading companies, from Fortune 500 multi-billion dollar firms to mid-size businesses. In-line with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), PMO PRISM™ includes:

  • Processes. Full descriptions, diagrams, role definitions and decision criteria for PMO processes:
    • Strategic Planning & Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
    • Project Request & Classification
    • Project Authorization
    • Project Initiation
    • Project Planning
    • Project Execution (with special focus on Information Technology-related projects)
    • Project Closing
    • Education, Training & Support
  • Procedures. Detailed step-by-step instruction and narrative for procedures underlying the key PMO processes and sub-processes.
  • Policies. A complete inventory of best-practice PMO policies that integrate with other PRISM processes, infrastructure and methodology. These policies optimize the practical application of PRISM artifacts in terms of timing, consistency, user security and project classification.
  • Infrastructure. Fully integrated and real-world proven tools, systems, algorithms, templates, forms, financial/resource/organization models, logs and training course curricula. This infrastructure bears out comprehensive PMO implementation from conceptual definition to training & ongoing operations.
  • Standards & Metrics. Consistent, standardized and well-documented PMO artifacts in terms of process integration and service level thresholds. Out-of-the-box PRISM standards enable ‘balance’ by providing performance benchmarks while still allowing for flexibility.
  • Methodology. Essential phases, activities & deliverables defined to promote on-time, on-budget project completion and to support PMO administration. PRISM processes, procedures, policies, infrastructure, standards and metrics are woven together into a ‘tried and true’ PMO methodology.

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